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Stark Future build bikes to order, we have several stock bikes landing every month. These are high in demand and usually sell quickly. Call us to check stock, lead time and pre order options.

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      The Stark VARG 6.5kWh battery pack allows you to ride for up to 6 hours of easy trail riding or complete a full MXGP heat depending on rider ability and track conditions. Whereas a full re-charge can be between 1-2 hours depending on the charger and outlet. Using a patent-pending lightweight honeycomb magnesium case, the state of the art ‘flying V’ concept connects every cell directly to the casing, achieving efficient cooling and a unique power-to-weight ratio in the motocross world. 


       • Air cooled magnesium case.

       • Patent-pending honeycomb-structure.

       • Slippery fingers cell holders.

       • Patent pending pressure relief system. That makes it IP69K waterproof. 

      • Flying V scheme in order to accomplish a very optimised centre of gravity, providing you with very agile handling. 

      • The range, depending on track conditions and rider ability, is similar to a full tank of gas on a 450, can accomplish full MXGP heat, or over 6 hours of trail riding.

      • Full recharge in 1-2 hours depending on the charger and outlet.


      Through the Stark VARG APP we offer you a 100 % customizable ride. The unique display of the Stark VARG is a shock resistant and waterproof Android phone, the “Stark VARG Phone”. When locked into place it charges and communicates wirelessly, whilst serving exclusively as the bike display and when unclicked by the press of a button it is a fully functioning smartphone. In the Stark VARG APP we let you adjust the power curve, engine braking and virtual flywheel effect, as well as traction control. You can build more than 100 different ride modes, and choose to have five of those actively available on your bike at the same time. Change instantly through these five modes at the touch of a button on your handlebar. Build your ride modes to perform like a 125cc 2-stroke, 450cc 4-stroke or anything in between.


      Revolutionary light skid plate featuring a low-density foam for high impact absorption. The skid plate acts as a shield for the powertrain whilst also helping to protect the rider. When casing a jump the impact absorption foam drastically reduces the impact on the rider’s ankles over a traditional frame, as the foam will absorb the impact while the traditional frame stays stiff.