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Our Megalith Pit Speed bars have been designed with modern riding in mind. We have increased the width and rise over traditional mini bike bars and then incorporated features riders have come to trust, such as 5 mm wall thickness and 7050 heat treated alloy. The result is fantastic looking quality bar, with geometry and robustness which provides the confidence you need to throw down tricks and ride hard.


Rise: 159mm

Width: 749mm

Backsweep: 44MM

Upsweep: 19MM

Clamp area: 80MM

⌀22mm 7050 heat treated seamless alloy tubing.

CNC mandrill bent for precise geometry.

Knurling for left side grip adhesion.

Etched details, including cutting lines to help you determine your perfect setup.

Hi-density foam bar pad (included).

Internal Plastic bar ends, protect from dirt ingress and extend grip life.

Forged alloy cross-bar for structural integrity and increased durability.


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      Who wants to get stranded with a dead battery? Yeah thats right, NO ONE

      With the Ebox battery level display you can always keep a check on your juice levels meaning you can ride free with no worries!


      The Ebox 1 & 2 boasts 48v and 60v powerful battery ensuring smooth power output and a generous range. With fast charging times the Ebox bikes are hard to compete with at a sub £2000 price point!

    • mono shock & usd forks

      Suspension can make or break a bike. That is why Ebox spent years designing the cradle frame to house the robust suspension components, delivering a smoother ride over its competition. Well we say competition, but not much beats it!